Quimtia Argentina

We started our operations in the national market in 1973 and since then, we have grown to reach our current leader position.

We own two premix plants for our Feed and Food business respectively and another for the production of Biodiesel antioxidant, with which we complement our wide product portfolio.

Our main distribution center is located in Avellaneda, with more than 14,000 m2, a 10,000 tons capacity and warehouses for products of special storage conditions.

What is more, we own two laboratories, veterinary and biologic, to ensure our quality standards; we also include operations in the free zone of La Plata to improve the services offered to our clients.

Our professional team works together with our clients and principals creating valuable links.

Did you know?

We distribute more than 650 products

• 1 Premix Feed plant
• 1 Premix Food plant
• 1 Biodiesel antioxidant plant
• 2 Laboratories
• 2 Distribution centers

We distribute more than 50,000 tons each year and exceed the 30,000 annual orders.

More than 1,300 clients choose us. We distribute products from more than 300 suppliers. We represent 9 first class companies.

Warehouse and Production, Avellaneda, Buenos Aires

Warehouse and Production, Avellaneda, Buenos Aires

Production plant, Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Ríos

Administrative-commercial corporate office, Buenos Aires

Production plant, Entre Rios - Argentina

Warehouse and Production, Avellaneda, Buenos Aires

Administrative-Commercial Corporate Office
Av. Belgrano 955 (C1092AAJ), Buenos Aires, Capital Federal

Warehouse and Production
Chacabuco 285, (B1870BPE), Avellaneda, Buenos Aires

Production Plant
Planta Premix, Calle 1, Mz. 2, Parque Industrial Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Ríos