The Myth of Hormone and Antibiotics in Chicken Breeding

Friday January 27th, 2017


Today, this method is no longer used because it was a very expensive process for rearing chicken. Nowadays, in about 50 days are growing more than 50 grams daily and with an average weight of 2,600 grams. This is due to an intense breeding program.

The selection of birds that will be as a carrier of genes, is based on those that have the best characteristics. To this is added adequate nutrition and preventive medicine to avoid infectious diseases and parasites.

The origin of this myth was born with the creation of synthetic estrogen in Europe, just before the start of industrial poultry. This hormone-denominated DES-whose goal was to generate the following changes in the chicken: the males were castrated hormonally to get them to grow more and have a softer meat, and the females were destined to the production of eggs. The consumption of chicken with this synthetic derivative gave rise to an isolated case of gynecomastia (pathological aggrandizement of the mammary glands in men). Although it happened in the 50’s, it became a very popular story that is part of the current beliefs.

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