“We must stop the myth that the pig is harmful to our health”

Friday January 27th, 2017


Specialist of Quimtia in Brazil talks about the production chain of pigs, one of the biggest taboos of the species, and discusses the various qualities of meat.


One of the tastiest meats of international, swine cuisine, is also becoming a favorite at the tables of most countries. A survey by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) shows that 42.9% of the meat consumed in the world comes from pig farming. However, even with this kind of favoritism in the world, in some countries, such as Brazil, there are still some taboos related to the animal production chain that generate insecurity in meat consumption.


According to the Technical Analyst Of Regulatory Affairs of Quimtia Brazil, Melisa Fructuoso, a large part of the population came to believe that the pig was of poor quality due to the myths surrounding the way of raising them, with not the best of care.


“Because of this ancient myth, we began to believe that the pig was of poor quality and that it could bring many health problems. Therefore, it is necessary to dispel the myth that it is harmful to health,” he says.


To end these myths, and even to improve the concept of pork quality, numerous strategies have been adopted in recent years by associations and producers in the sector, whose goal is also to increase per capita the consumption and to put in the spotlight the quality of food derived from pig breeding, the quality and taste of this excellent source of protein.


“What we realized is that the production chain of pigs is starting to increase. Nowadays, most of the producers adopt a system of closed culture, which allows a greater sanitary control and disinfection, hygiene and vaccination of animals, “she says.”Nutritionally speaking, pork has a lot of vitamin B and minerals. Some cuts like filet mignon, filet, cutlet, ham, among others, are considered equally or more nutritious than chicken” Melisa adds.

 Change of habit

In recent years the consumption of pork by the Brazilian had an increase, reaching unprecedented 14.5 kg per capita. According to Melisa, she says that although below the desired range, there is a timid growth in the demand for pork in Brazil, which can serve as a parameter to evaluate the change in the preference of meat type in the table of Brazilians: Without doubt, in addition to the adoption of new strategies of marketing and technification of the system, the use of a precise feeding process becomes an indispensable tool for the strengthening of the sector “, she concludes.


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