Quimtia Peru was born and developed since the acquisition of local companies such as ROCSA, IMPEXQUISA or AGROBASA. That is why our company keeps, until nowadays, its closeness with the clients and the desire to understand and solve their problems.


In order to supplement our offer and to provide excellent service, we currently own seven plants: one devoted to Feed premix and another to Food premix, one for Feed natural pigments and one for flavors for any kind of use in Food, one devoted to Hydrogen Peroxide dilution for the industrial market, one for the formulation of industrial maintenance, cleaning and hygiene and one devoted to the production of disinfectants.


In the interest of ensuring the quality of our products and of assisting our clients technically, we own the following laboratories: a veterinary one with its own brands of poultry vaccines and drugs for livestock and poultry; one of environment solutions development for mining and industry focused on water treatment and quality control laboratories for our Feed and Food products. But we make the difference with the quality of our people, our collaboration and results orientation culture.


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Did you know?

We distribute more than 450 products.

We own: • 1 Premix Feed plant • 1 Premix Food plant • 1 Flavor plant • 1 Pigment plant • 1 plant of products for industrial maintenance, cleaning and hygiene • 1 Hydrogen Peroxide dilution mill • 7 Laboratories • 2 Distribution centers

We distribute more than 75,000 tons each year and exceed the 30,000 annual orders.

More than 1,400 clients choose us. We distribute products from more than 400 suppliers. We represent more than 25 first class companies.