Stephen Covey’s key for working motivated

Wednesday August 10th, 2016


Stephen Covey is famous for his best seller “The 7 habits of really productive people”. Stephen describes which conducts we need to develop to be more effective and build powerful organizations.

The second habit that he mentions is to “start with your mind set”, meaning to have clear goals and to work on becoming people focused on achieving them.

Covey says that having clear targets allows us to have a vision of what we want to accomplish and direct all of our efforts on that path. When we have something in mind that we want to achieve we feel self motivated and we found a trascendental sense for our daily activities.

This is why organizations create their own business vision and mission. The same way as companies do, people have to set certain goals in life that inspire them to give their best.

There’s a famous saying that makes us remember that “it’s not the same to pile stones than to build bridges”. Despite that in both scenarios we are working on something very similar, in one of them we have a long-term goal set that makes us feel a part of something really big. This is why in Quimtia, we work with clear targets and all our effort is highly oriented on achieving them.  

Working for the realization of certain mid and long term goals give us the chance to trascend. This is what positively impacts on our development, our happiness and the results of the company.

Having a motivated labor fource is fundamental to success. As Stephen Covey says in his book: “technology will reinvent business, but human relationships will continue to be the key to success”.


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